The Removal Of Goods The Price Of Toyota Rush Dkk Down $ 25 Millions

By | July 1, 2021 to the car by zero percent will take effect from March 2021 to May 2021. The removal of Goods in this period will cause the price to sell the motor vehicle a certain type of decline.

Coordinating Economic minister Airlangga Hartarto in his official statement said that the relaxation of the Goods will be given to passenger cars 4×2, including a sedan with a cubication engine of less than 1,500 cc produced in the country.

In its application, the sales tax will be applied to 0 percent in March-May. Next, followed incentives sales tax by 50 percent in June-August, and 25 percent in the period from September to November 2021.

The magnitude of these incentives will be evaluated every 3 months. Policy instruments will use the sales tax on luxury Goods DTP (borne by the government) through the revision of the Regulation of the Minister of Finance targeted into force on March 1, 2021.

With such provisions, the price of the car with the engine under 1,500 cc, driven 4×2 – including sedan – as well as models that have local content by 70 percent will get incentives sales tax amounted to 0 percent during the period from March to May.

The car tax and the cost of administration of each unit to achieve about 40 per cent of the price.

VAT on new cars by 10 percent, sales tax 10-125 percent (factual average 15 percent), BBNKB 12.5 percent, and PKB 2.5 percent. That means 25 percent to the center and 15 percent to the area.

From these provisions, the segment of low sport utility vehicle or LSUV fit into these criteria. Call it the Toyota Rush, Honda BR-V, Suzuki XL7, Daihatsu Terios, and Mitsubishi Xpander Cross. This category is subject to sales tax of 10 percent.

For example, the price of Toyota Rush new currently has a starting price of Rp 257,7 million to Rp 279,1 million on the road (OTR) Jakarta. That is, without a sales tax, the price of the best-selling car Toyota this could be down to the range of Usd 231 million up to $ 251 million.

However, this new rough count to make it easy for consumers to compare the price without sales tax. This is because new cars that are offered to consumers have been burdened by the motor vehicle tax (PKB), which vary depending on local taxes.

The following is the approximate price of LSUV after the removal of the sales tax 0 percent:

Price: 257,7 million – Rp279,1 million

Without sales tax: Rp231,930 million – Rp 251,19 million

Daihatsu Terios

Price:Rp 214,45 million – Rp 269,050 million

Without sales tax: Rp193,005 million – Rp 242,145 million

Honda BR-V

Price: Rp253,5 million – Rp296 million

Without sales tax: Rp228,the 15 million – Rp266,4 million

Suzuki XL7

Price: Rp236,5 million – Rp273,5 million

Without sales tax: Rp212,850 million – Rp246,15 million

Mitsubishi Xpander Cross

Price: Rp 276,5 million – Rp299,5 million

Without sales tax: Rp248,85 million – Rp 269,55 million


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