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On January 2, 2024, a controversial tape appeared, describing the events involving Prince Adrian Tambr in it.

The young prince, known for his involvement in Manila’s nightlife, was seen engaging in a physical altercation at one of the city’s leading nightclubs.

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The incident immediately caught the attention of the Philippine public, with pictures and videos showing Prince Adrian being implicated in the incident fuelling speculation and conjecture.

The clip spread quickly across various social media platforms, sparking heated debate and discussion among the public.

As the controversy grew, the hashtag #Princeadriancontroversi trended on Twitter on January 3. This hashtag became a platform for various reactions from the Filipino public, ranging from condemnation to support for Prince Adrian.

Many netizens expressed their amazement regarding the event, creating a virtual space filled with opinions and speculation.

Although Prince Adrian has not yet released an official statement regarding the incident, many are waiting for clarification from the royal party or the Prince’s representatives. The silence from concerned parties further adds to the tension around this controversy.

This controversy is believed to have had a significant impact on the image of Prince Adrian extra. A royal active in Manila’s nightlife, she has been in the media spotlight before with her glamorous lifestyle.

However, this event may change people’s perception of him, raising questions regarding his personal responsibility and ethics.


The controversy involving Prince Adrian extra created turmoil among Filipino society. While the public awaits further clarification from relevant parties, this controversy shows how the lives of public figures can be the subject of debate and speculation in the age of social media.

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