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Now some social media is back in hebohkan with the circulation of a video of a group of teenagers.

Until now, the video is being investigated further by the authorities because id is suspected to have made people worried around.

Chandigarh University News

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So a few days ago it was suspected that some students had done something indecent and certainly not appropriate to show.

Still the indecent action was even recorded and unexpectedly the recording was uploaded on social media.

As we imagine with the ease of social media will make chandigarh viral video, even today there are still many who are curious about the recording.

But to get chandigarh video might get a little difficult, because Youtube is very sensitive to such content.

But you don’t need to worry anymore, here the admin will certainly make your search easier.

Chandigarh Viral Video

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Now you can watch the video easily.

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